Pugwash - It's nice to be nice

Pugwash is the vehicle for the exquisite song writing of Dubliner Thomas Walsh, championing the cause for honest-to-goodness melodic pop music. More than just another band, Pugwash have delivered two distinguished pop masterworks in the form of their albums, "Almond Tea" and "Almanac" the latter of which recently featured in the "Hot Press 100 Greatest Albums of all Time".

"It's Nice to be Nice" is a taste of Pugwash's forthcoming album "Jollity" on 1969 Records Limited. "Jollity" will also feature a co-write with XTC front-man Andy Partridge as well as musical input from former XTC guitarist Dave Gregory and American power-pop legend Eric Matthews. The new album will also feature the strings of the lauded Los Angeles based Section Quartet, recorded at the hallowed Abbey Road, Studio 2 in London.

Notable musicians who have graced previous Pugwash recordings include Jason Falkner (ex-Jellyfish & collaborator of Air, Beck, Paul McCartney & Aimee Mann), Graham Hopkins (Halite and ex-Therapy?) and John Boyle (The Frames).

As a bonus on the new single "The Finer Things in Life" from the "Almond Tea" album and featured in the movie "Headrush" and "Monorail" from "Almanac" which reached number 2 on the listeners chart of Australians national station Triple J just over a year ago have also been included. Both of these songs will be included in the forthcoming UK compilation "Giddy" in summer of 2005 on A&E Records.

Pugwash - It's nice to be nice
It's nice to be nice

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